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A Warm Welcome

Mar 19, 2023

If you're new to the site, then a warm welcome

I'm hoping to use this new platform to provide a channel to communicate what I do, offer insights into Japan's creative industries and summarise some of my work history along the way.

This site represents a collection of outcomes I've helped facilitate in a leadership capacity and will—eventually—offer insight into how each one was achieved. It is itself built on the same tenets that matter to me, like performance, accessibility and branding.

It's not a visual portfolio — neither have I directly designed visuals in recent years, instead focusing on offering art direction to creatives in teams.

Beside that, this space will help me:

  • Keep experimenting with the keys to my own creative playground and the added agency that provides
  • Explore my personal brand to figuring out what resonates best with my audience.
  • Demonstrate my technical skillset as a reference for future interactions. Read more about the technical stack (coming soon).
  • Show how building and hosting a fully custom website can be done at low-cost — just the cost of a domain name essentially.
  • Provide commentary on the potential disruption brought about by the era of automation (with AI and low/no-code already here), help define why understanding web fundamentals can be vital in getting the best out of these tools, and the impact on creativity brought about by the 'templatisation of everything'.

Thanks for reading, Tom's outtro signature

Mar 19, 2023 ::
A Warm Welcome